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Fresh Cocktails

Rejuvenate & refresh with this unique cocktail
-Vodka or Gin
-Fresh Ginger
-Topped with soda & garnished with mint

Bloody Mary
Voted “Best of the Bay,” it’s a salad in a glass
-Homemade extra spicy Bloody Mary mix
-Garnished with celery and mint

Freshly Squeezed Greyhound
How fresh??? Grapefruit squeezed right before your eyes
-Freshly squeezed Grapefruit

The freshest Screwdriver you’ve had in a long time
-Freshly squeezed Orange

You can’t make a good Mojito with a mix from the store
-Fresh Lime

White Russian
Half & half whipped on the spot -I bet the Russians don’t even go to these lengths
-Freshly whipped cream