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There are 1,461 active real estate agents in Fairfax, VA. The top 5% of agents in Fairfax sell homes for $25,806 more than the average agent. Fairfax’s top buyer’s agents save their clients 0.1% on average. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell a home, it’s important to work with an agent who has a proven track record for that contact Del Aria Team.

Highest paid real estate agents in Fairfax

If you’re considering selling your home, a realtor can help. With extensive knowledge of the Fairfax real estate market, they can guide you through the process. They also know how to present a property’s best features to potential buyers. This includes staging it with appropriate lighting, paint, and accessories. In addition, a realtor will spend time learning about different types of properties and researching their local market.

The average Fairfax Realty agent earns $73,782 a year, or $35 per hour. These figures are based on ERI salary surveys of real estate agents in the area. Other factors that affect the average salary include experience, education, and skill level. For example, someone with a Bachelor’s degree earns a higher salary than someone with a Master’s degree.

Fairfax is considered one of the best places to live in Virginia. It is ranked as the 11th best place for young professionals, and the median age is 38. The area has an abundance of young families, which means the demand for single-family homes increases. The next largest housing types in Fairfax are townhomes and apartment complexes. However, small apartment buildings make up only 2% of the area’s real estate market.

HomeLight has analyzed the performance of real estate agents in Fairfax. With an algorithm and a database, HomeLight identifies the top agents in the area.

Average number of days it takes to close a deal

HomeLight and U.S. News have conducted a survey of real estate agents and Realtors in Fairfax to determine their performance. The research team analyzed real estate data in the Fairfax area to determine which agents perform best. They ranked agents by six key performance indicators including their ability to close deals quickly.

When you’re looking for an agent, use HomeLight. Its algorithm and database allows the website to identify the best real estate agents. In addition, home sellers can get a 1% listing fee. This way, they can get qualified offers within less than 25 days.

If you’re selling your home, June is the best month. The median sale price in June is $439,250, which is $36,796 higher than the annual average. When there are fewer homes for sale, sellers are likely to get higher prices. This is because buyers are less likely to be motivated to buy if there are no available homes to look at. It also means that sellers can’t price their homes too high.

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