How Wide Is the Drive-Thru Clearance of a 4 Post Car Lift?



When choosing a car lift, it is important to consider the most popular of which and  how much vertical clearance you need for your vehicle. The height of a four post lift needs to be at least seventy five inches higher than the floor, which is usually seventy-five inches in height. Also, consider how much space is available under the lifted vehicle.

A four post car lift is best for garages with a high ceiling. The lift's columns should not extend over the roof. Ideally, the height should not exceed 12 feet. For this reason, it's best to consult the vendor or manufacturer of the lift for the specific height. The minimum ceiling height of a garage will vary between eight and ten feet, depending on the model of the car lift.

A four post car lift requires more height than an 8,000-series lift. The 9,000-lb lift can fit a diesel dually. It is also longer and wider than the 8,000 series. The 15-foot runways are thicker and include a five-inch gap between the bottom car and lift. Once the car is lifted, the lift must be lowered to the lock position.

Drive-thru clearance

The drive-thru clearance of a 4 post car lift is the area of a car lift that extends from the base of the lift to the side walls. It can range from three to five feet, depending on the model. Vehicles with narrow tread widths will fit well on a drive-on lift, while smaller vehicles may need a smaller model.

Drive-thru clearance is a critical measurement. It is the distance between the columns that will make contact with your vehicle when the arms are lowered. You should measure the maximum width of your vehicle, including the wheels. When you buy a four post car lift, make sure that the drive-thru clearance is wide enough to accommodate the maximum side-to-side outside dimensions.

A four-post lift with a large drive-through clearance is a great option if you want to work on your vehicle quickly and efficiently. This type of lift is especially useful if you have a limited amount of space, as you can store a variety of items under the lift. Additionally, drive-through clearance allows you to move the lift around if necessary.